Leftovers for dinner

We had pork chops last night and had a few left over. I sliced them up into strips and measured out 2oz snack bags and put them in the snack drawer in the fridge.  My husband enjoyed the protein snack.

Tonight, however, I used up the rest of the meat. We fried up one large cubed sweet potato in olive oil; an entire package of kale, onions, lemon juice & lemon peel, garlic salt in coconut oil; the pork reheated in bacon fat with some leftover shredded zucchini we had made to substitute for pasta. We had started in on a huge container of strawberries yesterday so that gave the kids something else to chow on. There are two adults, two teens and one picky three year old in our family.



We nearly ran out of the sweet potato, go figure




The zucchini was great with the pork. It would have been super with siricha hot sauce…



We probably only needed half the kale. I’m the one that eats most of it. Coconut oil balances any bitterness, but baconation is still my favorite way to cook kale. I’ll eat it tomorrow with an egg for breakfast.


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