That Marvelous Spinach


I used the tender, mild, delicious, fresh and FREE spinach I’d acquired in my serendipitous discovery of the Alvarado Urban Farm today as a plain, uncooked side. I had already planned a cooked spinach dish using a nifty food planning/shopping app (from so this was not a big deal.

Paul did his manly duty and cooked our steaks on the grill (eyebrows intact). I added a fried egg on top because who can resist steak and eggs?  No, to be truthful we almost had to share the steak with an extra guest so I figured the egg would stretch the meal just enough to share four small steaks among five people. As it was, my son got to eat the extra. It’s so rough being a sixteen year old and having to finish up the steak.

We finished the meal with a baked banana/raisin dessert that I tweaked a bit by adding pinons. Note to self: doesn’t need honey, add more pinons, and don’t set it down next to me our I’ll eat it all.  Oh, and we all shared the fresh from the dirt baby carrots, proudly scrubbed clean by the 3 year old.



(apparently the tongue helps)

Posted from WordPress on my android, egads… Wish it did the dishes, too!


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