Mamasan becomes MamaPaleo

When I became a mother, I used the nickname “Mamasan.” It is still my screenname on many sites. When I remarried and changed my last name to Wolfenbarger, I changed it to “Mamawolfen,” which you have to admit has a nice growly ring to it. Now, as my husband, children and I ease into the Primal/Paleo lifestyle, I am reinventing myself with the nickname “MamaPaleo.”  (There’s already a terrific paleo blogger who goes by the name “PaleoMom,” her site is helfpul and inspirational. )

A series of events in the Fall of 2011 coincided to pique my interest in changing my lifestyle. I realized I was fatter than I’d ever been in my life — and GAINING. I was diagnosed with inexplicable and annoyingly painful inflammation in my joints. I was more sedentary, sleepless and in more pain than I have ever been before and becoming resigned to feeling twenty years older than I am. Strangers apparently think I look twenty years older as well, since many of them assume I am my three-year old’s grandmother.

In the midst of my complaining and whining a friend showed me a Loren Cordain video about The Paleo Diet on TED. That December, my doctor handed me Gary Taubes‘ book “Why We Get Fat” and worse yet, my sister showed up for Christmas dinner having LOST WEIGHT by ‘just eating lots of fruits, vegetables and meats’. (Of course that’s not really worse, I am utterly happy for her, we are just competitive like all good sisters.) Someone on my Facebook friends list directed me to and my Primal/Paleo quest was born.

My husband agreed to change his diet and become healthier with me and that, my friends, is all took to fuel my fire. We’ve cleaned out our pantry (it took three rounds and some serious grit and determination), our fridge (I found a renegade jar of maraschino cherries yesterday, oops) and our freezer. I’ve been trying to move slowly and deliberately, considering everyone’s preferences and feelings, but it’s difficult. I feel a fervor bordering on the religious when I contemplate how much better I feel.

We began by raising our vegetable and fruit intake with green smoothies. It’s the easiest way for me to cram in all those servings of healthy goodness without going crazy chewing. After about a week and a half of cutting out sugar and grains, it all tastes heavenly and the blending is no longer quite so important. We haven’t bought a blendtec yet, but I’m sure it’s coming.

Ah, my turkey, zucchini, sweet potato stuffed bell peppers are ready for dinner, I’ll leave you waiting with bated breath for more  ;p


3 thoughts on “Mamasan becomes MamaPaleo”

    1. Yes, they turned out well, considering it was one of those “what can I do with this leftover turkey?” deals… I put turkey, julienned zucchini and sweet potatoes (why it’s not called “shredded,” I don’t know), two eggs and pine nuts in bell peppers and topped them with feta cheese crumbles. I won’t bother with the eggs next time, they dribbled out the bottom.. Not sure what I was thinking, there 😉


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